Romeo & Juliet Researched – The Pas de Deux

by DaveTriesBallet September 23, 2013

It is no secret that one of my favourite ballets is MacMillan’s Romeo & Juliet. The last time the Royal Ballet performed it I saw three casts and I wrote a guest post about MacMillan’s choreography for A Younger Theatre. The Royal Ballet are reviving it again next month and I will be seeing it […]

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How time flies!

by DaveTriesBallet September 9, 2013

They say that time flies when you are having fun. This is certainly the case when I realised that this week marks my 3rd “Ballet-versary” – it’s three years since my first ever ballet lesson! I can’t quite believe it. It seems like only yesterday that I did my first ever plié and got confused […]

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Summer School, Injury and Rehearsals

by DaveTriesBallet September 4, 2013

Once again I have taken ages since my last post to update the blog – apologies! This has partly been down to moving flat (finally done!), partly due to work/future career stress (my supervisors want me to submit my thesis in June/July – argh!?! The real world beckons…), and partly as I’ve been feeling down […]

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A Gala in the Sunshine

by DaveTriesBallet July 16, 2013

This Saturday I performed at a local Gala for a charity’s 60th birthday. The charity had got a local stately house to open up its grounds and were celebrating by having a day filled with arts and crafts stalls, picnics and live entertainment. As it turns out, both of the local groups I dance with […]

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Crazy Gala Times…

by DaveTriesBallet June 22, 2013

Life has been pretty crazy recently (hence the lack of blogging – sorry!) but last week it got even crazier. I dance with a group of adults (there’s about 20 of us, including 2 other guys) near where I live, and for the past few months we’ve been preparing to put on a gala: an […]

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by DaveTriesBallet April 14, 2013

It’s all over. Last Saturday I danced Rothbart in Swan Lake for two performances and I’m still on cloud nine from it. Here’s a round up of the last few weeks: 3 weeks to go With less than a month to go, rehearsals were in full swing. Alongside two class/rehearsals during the week, Saturdays now […]

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New Kinds of Narrative

by DaveTriesBallet April 1, 2013

Sat watching the live cinema relay of Christopher Wheeldon’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, I was struck by how different a piece it is compared to, say, Swan Lake or Giselle. This is not just because of the different subject matter (no-one in Alice dies for a start!) but is, I feel, due to a completely […]

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DaveTriesBallet’s Guide To Seeing A Ballet (Updated!)

by DaveTriesBallet March 11, 2013

I recently hosted a “Ballet… Not What You Think!” screening of free ballet at my University to try and dispel a few ballet myths. Coincidentally, this was on the same day as the Royal Opera House hosted a live debate entitled Are opera and ballet elitist?. This prompted me to look back at my post […]

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DaveTriesBallet’s Guide to Stretching

by DaveTriesBallet March 2, 2013

I often get emails and tweets asking for suggestions about stretching. I want to start by pointing out that I am no expert. Nowhere near. I don’t have any sort of medical or physiological training and can’t do the splits or a six o’clock penchee. But when I started ballet I couldn’t touch my toes […]

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Becoming Rothbart

by DaveTriesBallet February 16, 2013

My life is currently fully immersed in Swan Lake. As I mentioned in my Review of the Year, the Russian Youth Ballet Company and Ballet School I dance with are putting on Swan Lake (based mainly off the Mariinsky version). Just before Christmas I was rather shocked, and very pleased, to find out that I’d […]

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