Just Started Ballet?

So, first off, I am no authority on Ballet. In fact, I’m the complete opposite – a beginner.

But that means I know what you’re going through. If you’re just about to start Ballet (especially if you’re a guy) then I know a lot of the questions, concerns and fears going through your head – because the same ones went through my head before my first class.

So here is a list of posts on this site that I think will help:

  • First off, check out Why I’m Trying Ballet – this will let you know all about why I’m trying Ballet, and hopefully make you think about why you’re doing it too.
  • Next up, if you’re a guy, check out Buying Ballet Apparel - this is about my first trip to buy some Ballet apparel, and hopefully give you the courage to go out and buy some yourself.
  • Before you take your first class I recommend Questions You Wish You Had Asked… - where some of my readers talk about the stuff they wish they had asked before their first ever class.
  • And finally, read all about my First Day Of Class - how I found it, what I learned, and what I did next.

After that – have a browse through my site, there’s posts about classes I’ve taken (and the different teaching styles I’ve encountered), there’s reviews of Ballets, there’s video clips of dancers I admire, there’s lists of Ballet items you might want to purchase – and if you leave me a comment I can do a post on a topic of your request! Maybe you want to know more about a certain aspect of class, what to do in certain situations, or something else entirely; if you ask, I will try my best to write about it!

As always, if you have any questions you can reach me at info@davetriesballet.com and good luck (or as they say in the Ballet world: Merde!) on your journey into Ballet. Hope you have as much fun as I’m having!


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