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It can be pretty hard to buy male dance wear. First off, you might head to your local store and find only a handful of items hidden away in the corner. Online, you might not fare much better: there’s more choice but how do you know which dance belt to pick or which biketard to splash your cash on? It can also be hard to know what dancewear is out there and what bargains are to be had – if you sign up to an online dance store’s mailing list you get an endless stream of offers “new design leotards!” or “this season’s ballet skirts!”, but rarely see clothing for guys featured (why can’t they offer separate male/female lists?).

Well worry no longer! I decided to set up: DaveTriesBallet Reviews to help us male dancers out. Here you will find reviews of all kinds of men’s dancewear: from dancebelts to unitards, from tights to tees and everything else in between. Each item will be reviewed by one of the DaveTriesBallet Reviews Team (all dancers, whether professionally or recreationally) who will also rate it. There will then be the chance on each item for you, the reader, to rate it and say whether you would recommend the product. The comments section will also be open on each item for you to write your own review – the more the better! I’ll also try to feature any current offers on male dancewear that are available.

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Obviously, it’ll take a bit of time for the database to build up but we’re hoping that this can end up an awesome resource for all male dancers out there!

If you are interested in reviewing items for DaveTriesBallet, have a product you wish to be reviewed, or have some feedback about DTB Reviews then please get in touch.


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