A Gala in the Sunshine

This Saturday I performed at a local Gala for a charity’s 60th birthday. The charity had got a local stately house to open up its grounds and were celebrating by having a day filled with arts and crafts stalls, picnics and live entertainment. As it turns out, both of the local groups I dance with had been asked to perform, and I would be dancing with both on the day – with only 20 minutes break in between!

With the adult group I’d be performing three pieces – Pas de Deesses (a Pas de Quatre), a selection from the Precious Stones Suite in Sleeping Beauty (a variation and a short closing segment) and the male variation from the Pas de Trois in Swan Lake. With the youth ballet company I’m in I’d be performing five pieces in total: Act III Spanish from Swan Lake, the pirate character dance from Le Corsaire, the waltz from Cinderella, a new contemporary piece, and the most exciting/scary piece of all: the Adage from the Le Corsaire Pas de Deux!

Whilst all the pieces with the adult group I had performed before (even if the variation from the Pas de Trois had been learnt in a rather hurried fashion), four of the pieces with the youth ballet company were new to me.

The pirate character dance is a really fun dance, where I even got a pair of pistols to wield! I was dancing with one of the girls from the youth ballet company, along with six girls from the school. Although technically not the most difficult piece (apart from a few grand saute de basques to the knee) it involved a lot of running around and jumping! Turns out pirates, or at least balletic ones, were an athletic bunch! Here’s the music for the dance to give you a feel for it:

The waltz from Cinderella was a big group piece and, as the only male dancer, I had a little solo string of saut de basques to the knee, followed by some pirouettes and then a bit of partnering (some nice simple little lifts with a couple of the girls) before a final pose. The contemporary was a new piece our contemporary teacher had created on us to the most beautiful piece of music: Quintett N.1 by Dustin O’Halloran. The dance ended up being Cunningham-based (an artifact of being a youth ballet company I guess) and really lovely. There was a recurring movement which was, to me, akin to an emotional shock and made the piece quite cathartic to dance.

So the biggest piece for me to perform was the Adage from the Corsaire Pas de Deux. I’d be dancing with Ellie, a girl from the youth ballet company who is a beautiful dancer who is off to vocational school next year. Because we could only start after Swan Lake was over, and because the youth ballet company only meets every 2-3 weeks, we only had three rehearsal sessions before the performance. Because of this, we added an extra hour-long rehearsal with my awesome teacher on the day of the performance (just before I had to go dance with the adult group!).

The Adage is, without question, the hardest piece I’ve ever performed. There isn’t much solo-work, but there is a lot of partnering, and some quite tricky bits! So as well as getting my assisted pirouettes up to scratch, I had an attitude promenade, arabesque carry/lift, penchee promenade, turning grande jete catch, assisted grand jete, assisted grande saute de basque and a gateway turn to contend with! Luckily me and Ellie ‘synced’ with our partnering fairly quickly, and whilst the first rehearsal was a bit tricky (it felt like I was “putting on the brakes” in pirouettes – entirely my fault) the later ones went really well.

By the final rehearsal we had all the steps learnt and were working on the polish and characterisation. As the slave I had to be deferential to Ellie’s Medora, but I also had to personally work on making all my movements more expansive (a problem I always have).

There were a couple of problems once we arrived at the venue: most significantly the fact that it was 31C and bright sunshine! As all of my costumes for both groups involved multiple layers of tights and tunics (made out of lovely thick material) this meant that I spent most of my day very very sweaty and didn’t even get a tan out of it! On a more serious note, it meant I had to be really careful about dehydration – I had a headache most of the day and even after drinking 3+ litres of water I didn’t need the toilet… not a good sign!

The stage itself was a small raised platform. It was rather small which meant I had to be a bit careful about jumping off the stage (seriously!). It was also black, which meant it absorbed all of the heat from the sun, meaning that we couldn’t put down the marley floor without risking it melting! In fact, the heat coming through my shoes whilst standing on it was quite uncomfortable. It wasn’t actually too bad to dance on, not too slippy, but we had to be careful not to trip over or land on any of the joins of the various platforms.

The performances themselves went pretty well. The first two pieces with the adult group went without a hitch (except for nearly kicking one of my partners in Pas de Deesses because of the small stage!). I then took my place for the variation from Pas de Trois – starting in croise attitude downstage with the music meant to start during my first entrelace. Unfortunately, when the music started it was the wrong piece! Turns out the wrong piece of music had been added to the CD and there wasn’t much I could do except for sneak off the stage whilst the music continued…

The youth ballet company was next and I honestly don’t think any of the pieces could have gone any better! No mistakes, I managed to stay on the small stage (although the Cinderella string of 3 saute de basques to the knee were a tight squeeze!), and perhaps most importantly I really enjoyed every dance. In fact, I think I enjoyed the Corsaire Adage the most; I reckon it’s my best performance I’ve ever given.

I’m rather excited and nervous (after checking it was okay with my partner Ellie) to post a video of the Adage on here. It’s the first video of me performing I’ve posted and I hope you enjoy – any tips would be welcome, but be nice!

And with that I’ll sign off this (unintentionally wordy) blog post. In the coming weeks I’ve got my birthday, followed by two weeks of Summer School with my Russian teachers in Bristol (including some guest teaching from Elena Glurdjidze, Senior Principal at ENB!) – I’ll make sure I post an update about it. What are your dancing plans for this summer? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, keep on dancing!

P.S. If you want to see the pro’s dance the Le Corsaire Pas de Deux, here’s a rather gorgeous version by Marianela Nunez and Thiago Soares (on a slightly larger stage….!):