Dance Advantage Contest 2011

Hey everyone!

Some of you  may remember that last year I posted about a contest Dance Advantage ran to choose the Top 20 Dance Blogs of 2010, as chosen by readers. I was honoured to make the Top 20 list and have a place alongside some blogs I truly admire and love.

DanceAdvantage's Top Dance Blogs 2011!

So this year, the lovely Nichelle is repeating the contest to find the Top Dance Blogs 2011! This is where you guys come in! I’ve entered the Adult Dancer category but to be in with a chance of making the list I need to get plenty of ‘nominations’ from all of my readers.

From now until December 20th any blog wanting to enter is creating a post just like this one. If any of my readers wish to nominate me, all you have to do is add a comment to the bottom of this post. It doesn’t matter what you put in the comment, but if you have any feedback on the site that would be great! I’m constantly trying to improve my blog, so if you have any suggestions on future topics or features, or if you want to let me know what you’ve liked or disliked about previous posts then please share! So that’s all you have to do, just pop a comment on this post!

After Dec 20th the blogs with the most votes in each category will go through to a second round of voting – but I’ll cover that if I get enough comments!

Rules: Please don’t comment more than once on this post! If you do, it’ll unfairly add to my votes. But feel free to vote for as many blogs as you like, in the nominations you can cast votes for as many sites as you wish.

I truly enjoy writing this blog, and sharing my journey with all of you readers. I know I’m no expert (and never will be) but I hope that I have managed to make the idea of taking ballet a little less daunting for any newbies out there. And if you’re a seasoned dancer then maybe I’ve made you reminisce about when you started out, took your first class, did your first pirouette or had your first experience of partnering. It’s been a whirlwind year for me in all aspects of my life and ballet has been a huge part of it all. I’m looking forward to new and exciting experiences in the coming year, hopefully translating to new and exciting blog posts too!

So if you like my blog, I hope you’ll consider popping a comment on this post and nominating me for a Top Dance Blog 2011. I’ll be forever grateful.

Until next time, keep dancing!

P.S. Feel free to spread the word about this post! :)


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