Buying Ballet Apparel

On a (very) hot Thursday in August I headed into New York to help out at a charity and, more dauntingly, buy some Ballet clothes. It had been a while since I had decided I wanted to take Ballet, and by this point I knew what school I was going to take lessons at, and what their dress code was. Due to having qualifying exams for my PhD at the end of August, I also knew that in all likelihood I wasn’t going to be back in New York for a while, and I felt I would have a much better chance of getting guys’ Ballet clothes in the Big Apple then locally.


I realised this would be a little different than heading to the mall to buy some jeans, so I decided a little preparation would be useful and so I headed to the web.

First off, I had already read the absolutely amazing free e-book by Ballet For Men’s David Hunter called “Ballet Apparel For Men” and had found it so useful I even bought it in paperback from Amazon (and it looks even more amazing in real life than on screen). I immediately popped the book into my bag for the day in case I had any problems or questions while in the city.

Next up, I google-mapped Manhattan for a list of dance stores. There were a smattering all across Midtown and I immediately recognized Capezio as being one of the names mentioned in the Ballet For Men book. They have multiple shops in New York, with their main two being just off Times Square (their flagship store) and another near the Lincoln Center. I decided their flagship was my best bet, with my reasoning being that the larger the store the more chance they had a good range of men’s clothing.

I therefore headed into the city with my shopping list ready to buy some clothes!

Shopping List

I’m going to go through one by one each item I purchased, say a little about how easy it was to choose/size/buy as well as my first impressions on them all.

1. Ballet Slippers

Capezio Male Romeo Ballet Slipper (Black Leather)

On walking into the Capezio store I was immediately greeted by a plethora of pink: leotards, tutus and all things I immediately think of with girls and ballet. Okay, so that wasn’t actually the case – but it was what I had geared myself up to expect so I was a little taken aback when I didn’t see this at all. Actually, upon exiting the elevator (which you had to get to via the back of Ellen’s Stardust Diner) at first this seemed like any other high-end fitness store in New York with lots of T-shirts, sweatpants and the like. There were many helpful staff (including, I was slightly surprised, a couple of guys) and after explaining I was a complete beginner they recommended I head to the shoe section to start.

This was certainly a better reception than I’ve had in some other places and they didn’t seem phased by the fact I wanted to do Ballet (at one potential Ballet school, on asking for the adult class schedule I was asked “Is your daughter over 16?” – not only do I not have children, I’m only 23!) and I went to the back of the room where there was a wall filled with all kinds of dance shoes. There were Ballet slippers, pointe shoes, tap shoes, shoes I think were meant for highland dancing and other shoes that I have no idea what they would be used for other than torturing your feet. The shoe assistant was serving a mother/daughter when she saw me looking a little overwhelemed and helpless and came over as soon as she was done.

Out of a huge selection of shoes, very few were for guys, and I was quite glad for that as it made it all seem a little less daunting. I told her I needed some men’s black ballet slippers. She asked if I wanted split or full sole, leather or canvas, and what size. I knew I needed split sole, but wasn’t sure about what kind or size (especially as UK shoe sizes are different to US) so she passed me a foot-measurer and went in the back to pick out some “Capezio Romeos” in both leather and canvas in an 11W.

I had read quite a bit on the web about the difference between leather and canvas and there seemed to be a lot of merits in both – for example leather lasts longer, but canvas is cheaper. The woman in Capezio was great though, and simply told me that the better type is whichever fits my feet better. It was reassuring to know I wouldn’t make a “wrong” decision either way, and after trying both on we decided leather looked like it fitted better and I put them behind the counter to pay for later.

Item Bought: Capezio Romeo Male Ballet Slipper, Size 11W, $38

2. Black Men’s Tights (and Elastic Belt)

Capezio Male Black Footed Tights

Looking online it seems like there is a lot of anxiety with guys starting Ballet about wearing tights. To be honest, after competing in Crew and cycling I have spent a large portion of my time at Univeristy in either Lycra or Spandex showing off far too much flesh for my liking. To that end, wearing tights doesn’t really bother me as much as it seems to bother others.

Having had much success getting the slippers, I headed over to the tights section and asked an assistant for some help in selecting a pair of Black footless tights. I had decided on footless after reading various comparisons, one reason being I wouldn’t have to deal with getting holes in my toes (I’m not great with a needle and thread, although I feel that is going to change!) and, being honest, I felt not having feet would make me feel slightly more manly (and less like I was wearing women’s tights). As it turned out, the girl on tights wasn’t particularly clued up about male tights and I pretty much had to find them myself, on the top shelf of one of the racks. I guess guys are generally taller than girls and putting them up there keeps them out of the way. On the other hand it makes it rather difficult to browse!

So perched on top of some step ladders I started rifling through the box of tights searching for any in my size. The girl originally suggested a medium, but I looked at the packet and found that the height range for a medium was 5’4″ to 5’7″; over half a foot shorter than my height! In the end she worked out an XL (height 5’10” to 6’1″) was needed and I started searching again. After finding a lot of white tights (definitely not brave enough to be wearing those yet!) I finally found some black in my size, only problem was they were footed. It isn’t a huge deal but I asked the girl if there were any in the back. She told me there wasn’t but suggested I ask at the register in case there were some at one of the other stores in the city.

I headed to the register and asked the girl serving for some help, and she couldn’t have been more helpful. She sympathized with how hard it is to find dance clothing for guys (I think she said her boyfriend is a dancer) and even joked about it to one of the male staff as he passed by. She also congratualted me on choosing to take Ballet and told me how much I’ll enjoy it. She had a look on the system and unfortunately there weren’t any footless tights elsewhere, so I told her the footed would be fine. I also mentioned the need for some thick elastic to make a belt to keep the tights up (I decided on a belt rather than suspenders, mainly because of my poor sewing ability). She immediately produced a few feet of inch-thick black elastic and added it to my bag at no extra charge. I think this is standard policiy, but whichever way I thought it was very thoughtful.

Item Bought: Black Capezio Male Footed Tights, Size XL, $25

Item Bought: A few feet of thick black elastic, free!

3. Sewing Kit

Bunheads StitchKit (Mine was with black thread)

Next up was an easy one – a sewing kit. I’ve never owned a sewing kit in my life (I’ve never needed to repair any clothes while in the US and when I’m back in the UK I get my mum to do it…) so even though I knew dental floss would do for thread, I didn’t have any needles to use it with! The amazing cashier (seriously Capezio, make this girl head of PR! I think her name was Marie…) produced a little kit that she swears by, even finding one with black thread. In it there was two thick needles, a spool of thick strong black thread (no coloring of the floss with a Sharpie needed!) with a thread cutter and a little guide to sewing pointe ribbons (thankfully I’ll never need that…). Although a little more expensive than buying the needles separately and some floss, it is pretty useful to have it all together and I’m sure it’ll be good to throw in my bag and have on me if ever anything goes wrong at the dance studio.

Item Bought: StitchKit Black Sewing Kit, $7

4. T-Shirts

Gap White V-Neck T-Shirts

The next item I didn’t bother getting from Capezio as I had been assured everywhere I go that it doesn’t matter where I got my white T-Shirts from, as long as they were reasonably tight fitting for the teacher to get an idea of my lines. I’ve always liked Gap tops (they are good quality and seem to fit me well) and so before Capezio I had gone to pick up a pack of plain white T-Shirts. Now the only reason I am mentioning this is that I went into Gap and picked up a large to try on, my usual size. I put the shirt on and it was a bit of a tent on me, and definitely not close-fitting. I was a little surprized by this and so picked up a medium instead. Trying this on, I found it was only marginally smaller and just as loose. In the end I needed to pick up a small, that’s right, a small! A 185lb, 6’1″ guy wearing a small T-Shirt. And to be honest, it still isn’t all that tight, so be careful if you are sizing up Gap T-Shirts, you might be smaller than you think!

Item Bought: Pack of 2 Gap White T-Shirts, Size S(!), $19.50

5. The Dreaded Dance Belt

Capezio Nude Quilted Thong-Back Dance Belt

Now we come to the all important, and much dreaded, Dance Belt. As with I think all beginners, I was (and still am) slightly intimidated by the dance belt. Now if you don’t know what a dance belt, don’t worry, I didn’t know either when I first heard the term. Think of a cross between a jock strap and a thong used to make sure certain parts of your body don’t move all over the place while dancing. Yup, sounds pretty horrible doesn’t it! I tried to read up a lot on the dance belt before going shopping – I definitely didn’t want to get the wrong size or type and end up in a lot of pain. I can’t remember all the different resources I used when researching but some good sites were definitely Ballet For Men’s post on them) (plus the e-book)and Henrik’s short and sweet post on Tights and Tiaras.

So although slightly daunting, I at least didn’t feel embarassed asking for some help with selecting a dance belt while in the store. I was shown to the lone rack towards the back of the store and the girl left me to “do my thing”. Unfortunately I needed some help so had to track her down after staring blankly at the rail for a minute or two. First up, what style did I want? Unfortunately not many of the tutorials had really covered this, other than saying you need a thong back rather than full back. I mean, in front of me there were quilted, non-quilted, ones that looked so padded you could use them as a pillow, and ones that seemed so thin I was sure they wouldn’t be of any comfort whatsoever. The girl advised me that most guys she had served seemed to like the basic quilted panel dance belt. Next up was sizing – I had no idea what size I was in dance belt terms, but after consulting the catalogue we worked out from my waist I would be pretty much exactly between a medium and a large. I wouldn’t want this to be too easy would I?!

After some more useful advice from the girl we decided I should probably go for a large – I don’t particularly want to cut off my blood from my legs when I’m going to be dancing. I already knew I needed the nude color (definitely not white or black!) so I started searching for a large, nude, quilted panel, thong back dance belt (now you see why I needed some help!) and lo and behold there were none left on the rack. After searching through the entire rack a couple of times none appeared so I headed back to the cashier to check the other New York stores. As helpful as ever she rang around and found that the Lincoln Center store had one in stock and she asked the sales assisstant there to put it behind the counter for me.

With many thank yous I paid for my stuff and headed up to the other store, passing the amazing Lincoln Center in the process. I never fail to be amazed when passing this area when I think of just how much music, dance and theatre goes on every day there. It also reminds me how lucky I am to live so close and be able to take advantage of all the opportunities it presents. After getting briefly distracted by all this I arrived at the store, which was much smaller than the Times Square one. The men’s items were all hidden away in the corner and I had a quick browse before picking up the dance belt from the counter. Once again, the cashier was very helpful and asked me all about why I was taking Ballet lessons and what I’m looking forward to most. It seems every corner I turn I find another example of the “dance community” and am reminded how friendly everyone is – I don’t think I’ve felt such camaraderie in anything else I’ve done.

As for the dance belt, lets just say that it is still pretty scary, even when you own one, and after trying it on to check the size I’m pretty sure it’ll take a while to get used to it!

Item Bought: Capezio Quilted Panel Nude Dance Belt, Size L, $27

All Done!

So that was my first experience shopping for Ballet clothes (or do I call it uniform?) and on the whole it was fairly painless and easy! I’m sure future trips will be quicker, or even instant if I decide to just go for internet shopping. I am glad I went to a “proper shop” for my first time though as I think it would have been more than a little overwhelming to try and get all this from home without seeing the items.

So, if you need to get your first set of clothes – go for it! I promise it won’t be as bad as you think!

Until next time, keep dancing!

Journey So Far…

First up a disclaimer: This post won’t contain much Ballet! Instead, this is going to be a about my journey to where I am today, and how that journey has shaped me and my body. The reason I decided to write such a post is that I believe that this journey has changed me a great deal, and I have no doubt issues from it are going to surface when I start taking Ballet lessons so I thought I’d get it out of the way properly now.

So, where to start? Well the best place is probably 6 years ago, when I was 17 and in my penultimate year of High School. At that point I was weighing a pretty hefty 270lbs and avoided sports like the plague. At the time I thought I was just bad at sports and so hated them all. In reality, I just really disliked all sports offered at school (pretty much just soccer and cross-country running) and so didn’t put any effort in to get any skill in them.

One memory that, looking back, is both funny and a little sad is that myself and two of my friends (both a little ‘portly’) had an agreement for a good 3 or 4 years during high school where we would pretty much walk around the cross-country course together and then, just before the final corner, take it in turns to be the person coming in last. I have no doubt that my Sports teacher knew exactly what we were doing but he never said anything.

I also got bullied during high school and this was partly due to my weight and partly due to being a ‘geek’ – which at my school seemed to be defined as simply anyone who handed homework in on time. It got better as school went on (mainly due to classes being sorted by ability) but in my freshman year (when I was 13) we had mixed sports classes. My school was pretty small and we had a tiny changing room which didn’t fit us all so a few of us had to get changed in the adjoining shower room (disgustingly, we all just had a ‘deodorant shower’ most lessons so the shower room was rarely used). It seemed that all the ‘geeks’ got changed in there and pretty much every lesson one of the other boys in the changing room would start making fun of us. On a few occasions one of the boys in particular used to take a deodorant can and a lighter and ‘spray fire’ at us. It was rather terrifying, but none of us ever mentioned it to the teacher as it seemed pointless, there wouldn’t be much the teacher could do and it would probably just result in the bullying worsening. As such, I think you could say that I didn’t look forward to Gym lessons at school!

Picture of me when I was 17 and around 270lbs

At 17 my future was starting to fall into place, I had just accepted a place at Oxford University, was one of the top students in school and was going to be spending my summer volunteering in Ghana. With so much change ahead of me, in February of 2005 I decided to make another change and try to lose some weight. I had tried diets before, and different sports, but never found anything I could stick to or was particularly effective. I decided instead of trying some fad diet to do something a little drastic and so that Lent I gave up everything I deemed as ‘crap’. This included, but wasn’t limited to, chocolate, candy, non-diet soda, pasties, cakes, puddings and a few other things.

Yes this was indeed a drastic move and it could have backfired but for some reason it worked for me. 6 months later I was 35lbs lighter and digging latrines in Ghana on my 18th birthday, and never feeling better. Before I knew it I was heading to Oxford to start my undergraduate Masters in mathematics. During Fresher’s Week I attended my college’s Freshers Fair (Oxford is split into around 30 smaller colleges – my college, Wadham College, consisted of around 400 undergraduates and 250 graduate students) and got talking to one of the rowing team.

Having already lost 35lbs, and still sticking to my ‘diet’, I decided on a whim to sign up with the Boat Club. I still wasn’t exactly fond of sports, and actually had to go out the next day to buy tracksuit bottoms and trainers to use in the session, having not brought any down with me. I don’t know if anyone reading this has ever done Crew but believe me when I say that there is no feeling quite like when you are on the water rowing. There is a strange dichotomy between peace and power, and rowing truly is the ultimate team sport. As you can probably tell, I fell in love with rowing as soon as I sat in a boat, and so began my new affinity to sports.

As with most things I do, I threw all my effort into rowing – after all, if you are going to do something, you may as well do it to the best of your ability! I ended up rowing all four years while at college, and rowed in the 1st VIII for my Sophomore, Junior and Senior year (there was usually 4-5 VIIIs). In the process I started to build muscle for the first time and lost more weight, dipping down to around 200lbs then ending up stabilizing around the 210lbs mark.

Me (post-race) during my rowing days

Along with rowing I was also becoming more sporty overall – completing a 10K run for charity, hiking the Tour de Mont Blanc with friends and travelling pretty much solely by bike while at university. As well as rowing training I was going to the gym to help build muscle and although I was by no means the slimmest or most toned member of the crew, I became known for my strength and sheer determination – I would quite happily push myself past pain barriers or to the limit of my strength.

Far too soon for my liking, university came to an end and I started the next phase of my life. I had always planned on carrying on with university to study for a PhD but during my last year at Oxford I realised that it was also time for me to leave Oxford. I felt that with the high pressure environment, staying would possibly be detrimental to me, and I also fancied a bit of a change. As always, I don’t do things by halves and so applied for a Fulbright Scholarship to study for my PhD in the United States.

Quite to my surprise I was selected for a scholarship and started applying to US universities. I drew up a shortlist with Fulbright’s help and after taking the GRE and writing numerous personal essays I finally started hearing from universities. I got quite a few rejection letters from very competitive universities but to my surprise I got an acceptance letter from Rutgers University in New Jersey. Rutgers is the State University of New Jersey and although a very good undergraduate university, it’s mathematics graduate program is one of the highest ranked in the US. Indeed, for my area of research it was recently ranked second in the whole US – so I was a little surprised to get in!

After a couple of months of craziness during which I graduated, watched Opera in Verona, turned 22 and packed I finally got on a flight to the United States. Before this I had never even visited the US for a holiday (other than Ghana all my travelling was restricted to Europe) so I was more than a little daunted to come to this vast country.

Needless to say I was greeted with much kindness and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far (which isn’t to say I haven’t gotten incredibly homesick at times!). I arrived weighing 216lbs and, being ineligible for the crew team, decided to join the Cycling Team instead.

Me weighing around 215lbs when I first moved to America

I also decided that I really wanted to get my weight under control and so in October I set an aim to get down to 180lbs. Through the combination of cycling, running, going to the gym and, most importantly, being really careful about my diet (ensuring it was not only balanced but also tailored to my activities) I managed to reach my goal in March of this year.
It certainly wasn’t the easiest thing to do, and on the way I had a couple of blips where my weight would fluctuate which was a little frustrating. However, taking my time to lose the weight (around 6 months) meant that I developed a habit and new lifestyle rather than just a temporary change. Since then I have maintained around the 180-190lbs mark, although I would quite like to get down to 175lbs, what I view as my ‘ideal’ weight.

I also completed my first ever triathlon this summer (on my 23rd Birthday) raising money for a couple of charities in the process (the Motor Neurone Disease Association and KEEN New York – the first due to losing my Granda to MND and the second as I volunteer with them running a sports club for mentally and physically disabled children). It was Olympic distance (1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run) and is honestly one of the hardest things I have ever done, but also the most rewarding. It proved to me that I can do anything I set my mind to, and I would love to travel back in time and tell the 17 year old me that I would one day complete a triathlon – I dread to think what my face would be like at that news!

Me at my target weight of 180lbs (Mar '10) - looking a little different from when I was 17!

So that pretty much brings me to where I am today and as I start taking Ballet lessons. I’m still not exactly happy with my body, and am definitely still not confident about it. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I sometimes look in the mirror and see the 270lb-me, whereas other times I see the 180lb-me. What is kind of strange is that I rarely see anything but those two extremes and I’m hoping Ballet is going to help me understand and accept my body more, and in the process convince me that the 180lb-me is who I really am. Obviously I am also hoping that Ballet (along with my current fitness regime) helps to tone up my body, although this isn’t the main reason I’m taking the classes!

So that is a little about me, and how I view myself and my journey and struggles with weight. Sorry for the lack of Ballet in this post, however I felt it was important to share my story as I am sure it will affect my experiences in the future. Oh, and I haven’t eaten chocolate, candy, cake or the like for around five and a half years now!

BREAKING NEWS! So I said there wouldn’t be any Ballet in this post, but I may have told a little white lie… That is because today I finally signed up (and paid for) my first Ballet class! I’ll be taking Ballet 101 on Monday evenings at the Princeton ARB School, with teacher Douglas Martin (Also Director of ARB). To say I’m excited is a massive understatement, and now just can’t wait for September 13th!

Until next time, keep dancing!

Why I’m Trying Ballet

Ok, so I’m going to try to explain in this post some of the reasons why I’ve decided to try Ballet, why I’ve decided to do it now and what I’m inspired by!

First off – why do I want to do Ballet?

First off, I’m fairly sure if you are reading this blog then you appreciate just how beautiful, expressive, strong and generally amazing Ballet is! I have only seen two Ballets in the past, both amateur, and thoroughly enjoyed both. The first was a local production of Romeo and Juliet that I saw when I was around 11 with a friend and although I can’t remember much about the actual production I can remember being pretty amazed at everything they did on the stage.

The second time I saw a Ballet was around three years ago when I was around 20 and my then-girlfriend Jo took me to see a touring company do Swan Lake. After she had come to watch me row in the rain for four days straight I agreed to take her out on a date the next to week to anything she wanted to do. She decided on the Ballet, I bought some pretty good tickets and we dressed up smartly for our night out.

Arriving at the theater I was pretty skeptical about how much I would enjoy the evening – although I consoled myself that at the very least I could just listen to the music! This skepticism wasn’t helped by Jo unleashing a barrage of knowledge about the story, famous versions of Swan Lake and the dancing. I hadn’t realized she was such a Ballet buff, and although it was slightly intimidating to me the Ballet-novice, it was useful having someone so knowledgeable with me, even if she scared me slightly by telling me that the more important the dancer in the company the more padded the dancebelt they wore (I still don’t know if this is true or not!).

When the Ballet started I was entranced. I have no idea as to the calibre of the dancers, but I was stunned at some of the things they were doing, be it the ballerinas en pointe or the male danseurs leaping, and how effortless they made it seem. I had expected to struggle with following the storyline (especially seeing as the synopsis in the program lasted for 4 pages) but I found two things: that the story was surprisingly considering there was no dialogue and, more importantly, that the storyline didn’t matter – this was about the dancing after all. Normally I would feel the need to know about all the little details in the plot, but I knew the basics (Siegfried needs a wife, falls in love with swan, gets tricked into promising himself to magician’s disguised daughter, runs off with swan in the end) and I got so caught up in the dancing that the details didn’t matter.

So I suppose my main reason for wanting to learn Ballet is to try and get a tiny bit of skill in such a fantastic artform. I have always been a fan of classical music and acting, and Ballet seems like a perfect way to combine both while adding a sense of beauty.

As an added bonus, I hope Ballet will help me improve my body – dancers seem to generally have an amazing physique. Dancing seems to generate the perfect balance of building muscle without bulk and I don’t think I even need to mention the flexibility! As a current member of my University’s cycling team flexibility is important and it was actually while looking into the NYC Ballet Workout book to help increase flexibility that I started to seriously think about getting Ballet lessons.

On the subject of bodies, one thing I am also hoping to work on through Ballet is body confidence and how I view and hold my body. I was quite overweight as a child and teenager (I weighed 270lb when I was 17) and through hard work, good diet and exercise I lost quite a portion of weight, and after dropping another 35lb this year I am now down to 180lb, the lowest I’ve weighed since I was in my early teens. This has certainly given me some (much-needed) extra confidence, but I still struggle to accept that my new body is actually me. In short, I have some days I look in the mirror and see the 180lb me, and other days I still see the 270lb me. I’m hoping that Ballet will give me a better awareness of my body and better posture and in the process help me accept my new body. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be writing a longer post dealing with my body changes and issues later on, so expect more on this subject.

Why Now?

There is a bunch of reasons as to why I’m deciding to take Ballet class now, many to do with a lack of time or opportunity in the past. As for other reasons, a lot has to do with the fact that i physically couldn’t have done Ballet before, I don’t think my body could have dealt with the strain, and even when I was 220lb before this year I feel the extra bulk would have prevented me from putting my all into this venture – and I believe that if you are going to do something, you should do it to your full potential.

Inspiration so far?

So where do I stand at the moment? I’ve picked out a school, bought my first set of ballet slippers, tights, dancebelt and am now just counting down the days until Ballet 101 class starts in September. In the meantime I am contenting myself by exposing myself to Ballet and dance through various means.

First off, one of the first resources I used to learn more about doing Ballet as a guy was Ballet For Men, and I’ve been reading articles and listening to the excellent podcasts – check them out! I also keep on doing the NYC Ballet Workout, which I originally got to gain a little flexibility. I try to do the 10 minute stretch after any kind of exercise, and try to do the full workout at least every week.

I also purchased a couple of DVDs from Amazon: one of “Great Pas de Deux” and the ABT’s production of Swan Lake starring Gillian Murphy and Angel Corella. I have become slightly obsessed with the second of these – it is mesmerizing to watch so many brilliant dancers, and the two leads are perfection (at least to my untrained eye they are!). In particular I find the chemistry between the two almost palpable, especially in the stuningly beautiful Pas de Deux:


Finally, I discovered So You Think You Can Dance – expecting a show along the lines of Dancing With The Stars (I’m not a huge fan of ballroom), but finding something entirely different. Although there hasn’t been much Ballet, the routines have been fantastic, and all the dancers are both impressive and inspirational. I particularly enjoyed Alex Wong and the following Contemporary routine set to Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah left me speechless:


Oh, and Billy Elliot was set only about 30 miles from where I live in the UK so that film is a pretty good inspiration for me!

What to expect from the Blog…

So that is a little bit about why I’m going to take Ballet class. I’ll be posting in the future about my expectations of my first class, how I found shopping for my first set of Ballet clothing, how I chose the Ballet school I’ll be going to, as well as so much more! I’m hoping this blog will be useful for any complete beginner in Ballet, whether young or adult, male or female. You never know, it might be of some interest to some more experience dancers too.

Until next time, keep dancing!


Welcome to Dave Tries Ballet! Here I’ll be documenting my journey as I try out Ballet for the first time.

I promise more updates very soon! In the meantime – here is a pic of me in my newly purchased Ballet kit!

Until next time, keep dancing!